Saturday, 28 December 2013

SmashBox WonderVision Brush Set

SmashBox WonderVision Brush Set is a limited edition Eye brush set. This set comes with:
- A zipped brush bag
- A dual-ended Liner brush
- A blending brush
-A crease brush
-A powder brush
-A shadow liner brush.
These brushes are incredibly soft and perfect for creating that smoked eye look. These brushes are not too big to store in your make up bag or too small to have an easy grip on. They are the perfect size. They are easy to clean so you can continue to create different make up looks.
The Zipped Bag come with 5 pockets to store each brush in and a cover to protect the bristles of the brush from gettin damaged while in the bag. The make up bag is an average size and is to travel around with if need be.
The retail price of this brush kit is £48.00/$39.00. Which I think is a bit pricey seeing as you can get other brush kits that do the same job just as well but I also feel the price is reasonable due to the quality of the brushes.
Overall I am very happy with these brushes. They get the job done. What more would you want.

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